About us

This is my story on how my business was started.

MG Kids Clothing started in 2013 after I had my first child. We were under the name as Wittle One’s Boutique. I wanted to be a full time stay at home mom and have a career as well. I started my little business after my son's first birthday. I was making accessories for babys and toddlers. I started doing local craft fairs and baby fairs in the lower mainland. You will still find us at a craft fair. You can also find some of our hot sellers at a local shop in Pitt Meadows called Little Savages!

After the birth of our second child, I decided I needed to change things up and started adding in some clothes to our shop. I also wanted to change the name to MG Kids Clothing, The MG stands for Mason & Gwen, our children. The names of my kids inspired me to change the shop name. I wanted to name it after them because they are the reason why I started my business. I have always wanted to do something that was related to fashion and own my own business. This is the best journey of my life and I LOVE it! I get to spend a lot of time with my kids and also have something that gives me a hobby of my own. Lots of long late nights go into my business and I wouldn’t change it for anything. That is my story on how MG Kids Clothing began.